Invasion Of The Unapologetic: It Comes From Memphis

Invasion Of The Unapologetic: It Comes From Memphis

Saturday, March 24

9:30 pm

$15.00 - $20.00

Invasion Of The Unapologetic: It Comes From Memphis
Invasion Of The Unapologetic: It Comes From Memphis
Memphis touches down in Harlem for a one-night-only performance by Unapologetic artists Cameron Bethany, AWFM, PreauXX and IMAKEMADBEATS. Unapologetic is more than a label: In this place our differences are valued and celebrated. Here is where vulnerability becomes art and weird becomes genius. We stand out simply because we don’t aim to fit in.

There are few producers in hip hop that have as much combined skill and mystery attached to their name as IMAKEMADBEATS. The enigmatic, faceless man behind the boards has built his reputation on an obsessive dedication to his craft, a mad scientist-like approach to tweaking samples, drums, and live instruments, and a signature sound that’s put listeners in the emergency room with severely broken necks. After getting his foot in the door with an engineer position at the legendary Quad Studios, hip hop’s best began to take notice of the untapped talent coming from the quiet kid with the crazy big hair. From engineering (Trey Songz, Tyler Perry, Solange Knowles, Jim Jones, and more) to production (Christina Aguillera, Anais, Busta Rhymes, and more), IMAKEMADBEATS found various ways to let his creativity open doors for him, ultimately returning to his hometown, Memphis, to open Dirty Socks recording studio and found Unapologetic.

Cameron Bethany, son of a Southern preacher, has a hard-fought identity—more reluctant than rebellious—that is evident in his unique voice, which rises from sweet harmonies to passionate exultations as heard on his debut album, the cosmically sensual YOUMAKEMENERVOUS.

A Weirdo From Memphis, aka AWFM, is simply and complicatedly just that. Representing a generation of young adults igniting a riot against the gatekeepers of his city, he’s a trailblazer who is unconcerned with the cosigns of pioneers or predecessors. As a rapper and performer, AWFM aims to break the meter, cranking up the volume on who and what he is to inspire others—struggling anywhere, against any glass ceiling—to do the same.

The New Orleans-born, Memphis-based PreauXX is a motivational lyricist who stays resolutely honest no matter what comes his way. A powerhouse performer, he has wowed crowds at Atlanta’s A3C Festival, SXSW and Memphis in May’s Beale Street Music Festival, and is the first and only rapper to have performed at Elvis Presley’s original Memphis home as part of the Mike Curb Institute’s Audubon Sessions concert series.
Venue Information:
Ginny's Supper Club
310 Lenox Ave.
New York, NY, 10027