Drum Kit #1

DW Collectors Series Black Diamond Maple kit

14’’ DW Snare
12’’ Tom “Rack”
14’’ Tom “Floor”
20’’ Bass Drum

(3) DW Cymbal stands

Drum Kit #2
Ludwig Club Date “Downbeat” (silver sparkle)
14’’ Tama Snare (5.5’’X14’’)
12’’ Tom “Rack”
14’’ Tom “Floor”
20’’ Bass Drum
Bass drum pedal DW 5000 AD4 Bass Drum Pedal
DW DT900 Pacific Throne
Non-Slip Mat
Cymbal stands Yamaha CS755 Single Braced Boom Cymbal Stand
Hi-hat stand Yamaha HS740A Hi-hat Stand
Snare stand Yamaha SS740A Snare Stand

Guitar Amp Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III
Guitar Amp Fender Blues Junior
Bass Amp Ampeg BA115

Music Stand (8)
Guitar stands (2)
Keyboard stands (2)

Shure ULX-S Wireless with SM58 Caps (2)
Shure ULX-P Wireless with SM58 Cap
Shure beta 58 vocal mic (2)
Shure beta 52a kick drum mic
Shure beta 56a snare/tom mic
Shure SM57 instrument mic (3)
Shure SM137 instrument condenser mic (2)

Mixing Console
Behringer X32

Speakers and Monitors
(7) K-Array KH-15s (Main PA)
(5) K-Array KK-50VB (fills)
(2) K-Array KL-12 Subs (low end fills in between PDR and Main Room)
(2) K-Array KL-18 Subs (Live Stage Performances)
(2) K-Array KL-21 (Main PA Subs)
(5) K-Array KF12 Monitors (self-powered 2 way full-range coaxial wedges)

Korg Grandstage 88
Keyboard Bench

Yamaha S6B

DJ Equipment

Technics 1200m30 turntables (2)

Technics 1200mk2 turntables (2)
Pioneer CDJ-2000 CD turntables (2)
Pioneer DJM-900SRT mixer
Pioneer DJM-350 mixer

Rane SL1 Serato Scratch Live USB Interface